Curt Pate’s favorite interview

Curt recently shared this great I Am Angus video clip on his blog, and we thought it was worth sharing again:

“It’s real difficult with all the media and all the hype and all the talk out there, for the person in New York City to understand my life, and the value I put on the land, and the value I put on my animals and their quality of life. 

“I think it’s become popular for people to think the rancher or the beef producers are only in there for profit. And I know that’s not true from what I see when I go around the country. 

“So we have got to, in some way, through programs like stockmanship and stewardship, through social media, we’ve got to get out there and tell the world, and not only tell them but prove to them, that we are truly trying to improve our ability to take care of the environment and give our animals a high quality of life while we are improving the environment with those animals.”

We can’t wait to have Curt in Big Timber on Jan. 27 for our Stockmanship & Cattle Handling workshop. It’s free and open to the public. Lunch will be provided. You can find more event details on the Facebook event page: 

Please RSVP by Jan. 24 to Kandi. Call or text (406) 930-1782 or email


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