TediJo Todd: 2016 Scholarship Winner

CONGRATULATIONS, TEDIJO TODD! TediJo is our third Stockgrowers Scholarship winner. She’s planning to attend the University of Montana-Western to major in health and human performance. TediJo wants to be an athletic trainer and someday have her own cattle herd.
Here are some highlights from TediJo’s essay on how this scholarship will help her make a positive impact on the future of agriculture and rural communities:

“Growing up in a small town such as Big Timber, I was able to learn a lot about agriculture. … I was able to learn about where our food comes from, how hay is made, and where on an animal our meat comes from. I feel strongly that being educated about agriculture as I grew up and being able to experience it will impact my life now and my future.

“In my future, I will be doing the same thing my parents experienced, being passed down to the next generation the tradition of being a person who uses, experiences and appreciates agriculture. I will do this the same way I as taught – through experience. Kids learn better when they physically do the work. I plan on raising my kids in a rural community where I can teach them the ins and outs of agriculture. I want them to feel an appreciation for agriculture so they can teach their kids the same thing. I want to impact the next generation so they will respect rural culture enough to pass it on to their kids after that.

“By positively impacting the next generation and showing them many things about the rural way of life that they need to know, I will be able to continue the legacy of agriculture and helping rural communities thrive so our world can continue to blossom.”

TediJo earned a $1,000 scholarship. We were able to award $5,000 to three very deserving SGHS graduates this spring, thanks to the support of our community at our annual banquet. Thank you for supporting the Crazy Mountain Stockgrowers and the future of agriculture!


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